Stenum Hospital


Many of you have now likely read about the "Stenum Hospital Nightmare".

Now you can get the Truth about this story.
This surgery and fraud took place years ago and the "Stenum Nightmare" was the result of the actions of one individual, Malte Petersen.
As a result of this fraud and other misconduct Mr. Petersen and the entire management team at Stenum Hospital were let go some time ago.
There was no medical misconduct or medical mistake made.
This patient received the implant that his insurance approved and the surgery was a success.
The unfortunate post surgical complications are a known issue with the Prestige Cervical Disc Replacement implant and Stenum Hospital no longer recommends this product.
The new team at Stenum Hospital are committed to quality in both implant selection and honesty in all their communications.
It has also come to our attention that Malte Petersen has set up shop and again patients may be exposed to these activities. Please be aware!

At Stenum Hospital - Special Clinic for Orthopedics their commitment to quality, combined with the latest technology improvements and expertise, provides superior results in a world class patient destination.