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Functional Testing and Lifespan of the
Spinal Kinetics M6-C Cervical Disc Replacement

Lifespan of the Spinal Kinetics M6-C Cervical disc replacement
The Spinal Kinetics M6-C is an cervical intervertebral disc replacement designed to replicate the anatomic structure and biomechanical performance of the natural disc. Its unique design allows for a controlled range of motion in all 6 degrees of freedom. The compressible viscoelastic polymer nucleus of the M6-C disc replacement is designed to simulate the function of the native nucleus, while the surrounding multi-layer high tensile strength Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene fiber annulus provides progressive resistance to motion and a physiologically restrained construct.

All testing indicated an extremely robust device that successfully lasts the projected life of the implant. The functional kinematic testing and physiologic dynamic testing demonstrated that the M6-L passed all acceptance criteria. The assembly and all the components remained fully intact and functional. The device remained fully functional after 20 million cycles. The axial compressive stiffness of the M6-C remained in the physiologic range throughout and at completion of all cycles of testing. The results demonstrate the durability of the M6-C: despite being subjected to highly non-physiologic loading up to the limits of the test equipment, no mechanical or functional failures were achieved. The results of the creep testing and the worst case physiologic sheath retention testing provide further verification of the robustness of the M6-C.

The M6-C was subjected to rigorous testing which confirms the inherent robustness of the device. The disc remains fully intact and functional after functional kinematic testing to 20 Million cycles of combined motion; physiologic dynamic compression, compression shear, and torsion; creep to the equivalent of 100 years; and worst case physiologic extension over 30,000 cycles. Even when highly nonphysiologic static loads are applied, the device does not exhibit any mechanical or functional failures. The static and dynamic mechanical characterization of the M6-C lumbar disc demonstrated that the device has the structural integrity to last the life of the implant and that it exceeds the necessary criteria for device safety over the life of the patient.

Dr. Ritter-Lang is now offering the breakthrough Spinal Kinetics M6 implant for the Cervical and Lumbar spine. The first disc replacement implant to truly deserve the title "Artificial Disc". This implant achieves the ultimate goal of replicating the healthy human disc. By providing shock absorption and graded variable motion resistance (to prevent facet arthrosis), the M6 works in concert with the remaining human discs, to provide the best possible outcome. This "Quality of Motion" is a major benefit not available in any other implant we have seen!

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