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Dr. Karsten Ritter-Lang, Orthopedic Surgeon

Head of the Spinal Surgery Department at 3 hospitals. Private practice in collaboration with Prof. Schellnack.
Following his medical studies at The Humboldt University in Berlin, Dr. Ritter-Lang worked for the inventors of the first Artificial Disc Replacement
(Katrin Büttner-Janz and Kurt Schellnack).
He has been a specialist in the field of inter-vertebral disc prosthetics, especially in the field of abdominal access surgery, for over 20 years. Dr. Ritter-Lang has performed over 6,000 surgeries, of which 5,584 were spinal column reconstructions and has done over 3,000 Disc Replacement procedures using a wide range of implants both cervical and lumbar.

Dr. Ritter-Lang is one of the most respected speakers worldwide at symposiums about orthopaedic surgery and neurosurgery regarding treatment using artificial inter-vertebral discs. His participation in the ongoing development of inter-vertebral disc prosthetics technology, prototypes, and implants, provides great benefits to the patients he treats. Patients come from all over the world to avail of the services of Dr. Ritter-Lang and his highly qualified team. Dr. Ritter-Lang is among an elite group of the most experienced Disc Replacement surgeons in the world, and has dedicated his career to the sub-specialty of Disc Replacement.

1962 Born in Berlin, married, three children
1985 - 1991 Doctorate of Medicine, Charité Institute of Immunology.
1991 - 2000 Orthopedic Surgery at Charité University Hospital for Orthopedics Berlin
1993 - 1996 Specialist in Surgery of the Spinal Column, Charité Hospital.
1996 - 2000 Assistant Medical Director, Department of Spinal surgery Charité Hospital
2000 - present Head of Spinal Surgery Department, Sana Clinic - Sommerfeld, Clinic of Hoyerswerda, and Special Clinic for Orthopedics - Bremen, Specialist in Disc Replacement.

Meet Dr. Ritter-Lang

Spine Surgeon in the News!
SUNNYVALE, Calif. Spinal Kinetics, a leader and innovator in advanced generation artificial disc technology, today announced the successful implantation of the first patient with the company's M6-L artificial lumbar disc, and the commencement of the system's initial commercial launch in Europe. This first procedure was completed in Germany by leading spine surgeon Karsten Ritter-Lang, M.D.
Reference; 20 Feb 2009 - 1:00 PDT, http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/139682.php

"The ability to replicate the motion characteristics of a natural disc with a prosthesis designed like the M6 disc is a major advancement in technology that may benefit the long term outcomes of an artificial disc patient," states Dr. Ritter-Lang, Spine Surgeon. "We were pleased with the simplicity of implantation with this implant, surgical time was reduced, as was blood loss with the M6."


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